Practice Mystery

“Some of the pictures are truly mysterious to me....which is why I so often say publicly that I don’t know or don’t care what they are really about. And yet I can say that the paintings are prayers....that they have to do with whatever it is that makes you want more than what daily life affords.”
— Susan Rothenberg

My own imaginal prayer practice requires getting out of the way to open doors that I could never find on my own. Some of the resulting images remain mysterious for years, some forever.  All bring blessings.  'Twins' was just such an experience.

Twins 7.5x6.25.jpeg

It was no easy day - frustration, headache and depression were in abundance. Open relaxed flow was not.  All I could manage was allowing myself to love color and follow my hand.

Orange and yellow watercolor looped across the page. Red, in dabs and short loops, following close behind. Lost in their warmth, I actually gasped as She appeared, full and fertile.  Her two little ones emerged, soon thereafter, curled in conversation low in her belly.

I am still in complete wonder as to where they and their strange beauty came from. And, deeply grateful for their still unfolding mysterious blessing.

May we feed each other courage to practice mystery.

Carolyn EllisComment